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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

social Taboos

Highlighted social Taboos in Pakistan

Pakistan is a third world country. Developing countries of the world are facing many problems and Pakistan is no exception. Pakistan is a developing country in South Asia and is the fourth largest populated country in the region.

 social Taboos
 social Taboos

What is the taboo?

Taboo is an activity that is prohibited or sacred based on religious beliefs or social practices. Breaking a taboo is highly objectionable in society. Around the world, it varies from culture to culture.

The word taboo is both positive and negative itself. In third world countries where taboos are highly acceptable people do suffer a lot. Pakistan is known for having a deep sense of culture, social taboos and a colourful prospect on life.

Effect of taboos on individuals:

It can be analyzed that taboos are strong social norms; norms which are sufficiently strong that may be viewed as sacred. Every time an individual's behavior deviates from a norm, this act highly impacts on the other members of society, who then punish the deviant individual.

The influence of social taboos are no less than religious taboos in a country like Pakistan. Pakistani society has a list of taboos . Some of them are for the betterment for society but some seems to be very negative and portrays a bad picture of society.

The main cause of Taboos is the conservative way of thinking which challenges the modern perspectives of the younger generation. Taboos are generally those events and topics ,people feel uncomfortable and hesitation in talking up openly. In developing countries like Pakistan there are several things which can not be encouraged while open discussions.
1. Question to religion:

Pakistan is based on Islamic perspective . There are people who have  less knowledge about Islam .Many people have questions about the religion.  But it considers to be very shameful act if somebody raise a question about religion.

 Islam is a complete code of life , but still there are people who have queries regrading it so if they ask anything regarding it they are treated very oddly. In fact, questioning something makes sense because it only helps in improving your knowledge and understanding.

We should realize that it’s not blasphemous to ask questions .people are intrigued so they seek knowledge by asking it. It is positive to ask rather than having biased assumptions.

2. Divorce :

In Pakistani society, Couples in abusive marriages will be told to bear aggression and infidelity, all in the name of ”IZZAT”. There is no sense in living a miserable and pity life. Both Men and Women should not be forced to continue in such situations.

In some Pakistani households, women are treated as burdens that need to get married as soon as possible. Once married, their financial duty is passed on to their husband. If divorced, the woman becomes dependent on her parents again.

Another stigma for Pakistani women is physical relationship of first marriage, so initially, a divorced woman is considered less pure than a woman who has never been married.

Women in Pakistan stay with their husbands, regardless of their personal difficulties, because of their need for a family structure. This is very unfair to both women and men to forcefully bound in an unwanted relationship. This mentality should be changed.

3. Periods:

Women having Menstruation is a very curious thing for a patriarchal society like Pakistan. Also it is considered ill and bad. Many people in Pakistan think pads are dirty and are an embarrassing thing for a women. 

In the back 2 3 decades women were supposed to be apart from their family during the week of their periods.In some areas of Pakistan mostly tribal areas where women do not have better sanitary facilities they are still expected to exclude themselves during the days of their periods.

Even for women talking about their periods and menstruation is shameful. This is due the cultural limitations that forms people’s mentality. There are still 40% of areas in Pakistan where period education is not given to girls properly that make the situation even more intense.

4. Honor Killings:

Many girls are killed by their own families in the name of honor just due to the fact that they select to do something which their family was against. This is mentality of Third world countries. Just like their economic structures their mental structures are also under development.

It is happening every time a daughter or a sister decided to do something according to her own will. How is killing your own sister or daughter be called honorable at all?

Pakistani culture follows the rule of patriarchy which is bearable only on the terms that a women should also be equally respected and should have a opportunity to do whatever she wants.

Honor killing is a practise of illiterate areas because there are lack of education and awareness. There should be strict laws to hold this rule and should not be encouraged. This practice immediately needs to end and murderers need to be shamed and disrespect. 

5. Mental Health:

In Pakistani society mental illness is not as important as physical illness. People experience a feeling of unease in telling anyone about their exact mental situation because there is always a chance of being ridiculed.

Mental health is a genuine and concerning illness which affects many people around the world, but sadly it is seen by means of attention seeking behavior. Society usually mock at such persons who claims to be mentally ill.

A term “pagal” is introduced to those who try to seek therapies to cure their illness. People are very quick in assumptions and judgments if a person is experiencing such conditions mostly it is assumed that it must be because of failure of love relationship.

6. Transgender:

The term transgender is a mock for society. They are treated as weak , useless, inferior , subservient , low class etc. Every negative word and expression is used for them. Society do not bear them as a well beings of community.

They are usually associated with begging and prostitution – it is a stereotype that is reinforced by the media and other several organizations. They are always abused treated ill ,even worse.

 It is important for a society to give equal rights to this gender also. Govt should design and arrange some long term projects for them to make them productive citizens. Currently, Pakistani GOVT is working on it.
7. Sexual abuse:

In Pakistani society it is very odd to talk about sexual relationships. If you talk about being touched, raped or sexually abused; you’re the one who is well blamed for it. Specially , the idea of being a virgin in a Pakistani society is so important. 
So, if you are raped or sexually abused by some one it is instantly shown as to be the victim's fault.

At times, victim is judged and criticized because of dressing, open- mind, boldness. People started expressing the feeling of pity and hatred at the same time which makes the situation more intense and in most cases victim suicide because of the questions and expressions he/she is facing.

On the other hand, victims are told to stay silent about being abused so as not to bring shame to the family in the society. So there is no chance of taking revenge or appeal to court for justice.

Final words:

These are some social taboos that still exist in Pakistan today, there are many good things that the country have overcome too. Everyone knows that the Pakistan culture is vibrant and a loud celebration of life and colour.

 However, the darker issues cannot be neglected. Raising awareness on these social taboos is the first step toward making a society strong and prosperous.Talking about social taboo’s in society will help others, in hopes that these words can lead to some digressed minds.

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