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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

5 healthy food for the refrigerator

5 healthy food for the refrigerator

Healthy food for kids and adults

5 healthy food for the refrigerator

Do not let the refrigerator lack eggs, fruits, vegetables and milk, which will help to keep your firmware.

As we get older, the energy metabolism becomes lower. Also, due to work and family responsibilities, it will reduce your exercise time. 

But with less exercise time The food will play an important role in health care. You should have these foods in the fridge to maintain the firmware for as long as possible. These are also healthy food for kids


5 healthy food for refrigerator

The best treatment for muscles is Focus on eating foods that are high in protein and easily digested, such as eggs. Eat at least 2 eggs a day for the body to get proteins to repair damaged cells.

 If the body doesn't have enough protein per day The damaged muscles will not be rehabilitated. In the end, the muscles that have been created will disappear. The cells will rapidly deteriorate. At the very least, eating a high protein diet will make you feel full and stay longer.

2. Apples, vitamins and quercitin, antioxidants in apples.

An apple carries 100 million “good” bacteria, study finds

That helps enhance the performance of the muscles to be fully strengthened And also helps to reduce the inflammation of tired muscles from exercise and office syndrome of office workers. 

In addition, fiber in apples helps reduce fat absorption. The body therefore draws less fat into the abdominal muscles.

3. Salmon and sea fish fillets

salmon and sea fish fillet

These fish contain omega-3 substances. There are many studies that indicate that Eating fish will help to get important nutrients for the brain. Our muscles and skin But what we need from most salmon is Helping to accelerate the rate of energy metabolism in the body.

 If we lack exercise Physical for a long time Metabolic rate will gradually decrease while we are still eating the same food.Therefore, helping the body to speed up metabolism is one trick that helps to keep our puppet firmware before having time to exercise again.



Popular food for weight loss people Yogurt has properties similar to milk. But eating will feel more on the stomach In yogurt, there are vitamins that are important in the work of the nervous system and brain. 

Make you feel dexterous, quick, contains proteins and substances that help to balance various chemicals in the body. Some people use yogurt instead of salad dressing.

 Eating with vegetables also looks good. Yogurt is therefore an important food that should be placed in the refrigerator at home to stop hunger late at night.

5. Vegetables


Vegetables should be on the refrigerator as much as possible. Will be salad vegetables, kale, morning glory, Chinese cabbage or whatever vegetables are good for the body. 

Especially those who do not have time to exercise at all Vegetables contain fiber that is good for the digestive system. And has important vitamins that are good for the body Eating a lot of vegetables Will help make you feel light The body is fresher than eating meat. 

And if eating more than that regularly In addition to being light and comfortable, weight may also be reduced without exercising.

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