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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Korean secrets to facial care that no one will tell you

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It is difficult to maintain a bright skin tone with only roughly washed face. Why don't you try deep cleansing and remove it from your skin during a relaxing holiday after a long time? Blackheads around the nose, whiteheads on the forehead and many areas of sebum, etc., are all caused by the daily face-to-face washing habits. In particular, because it was exceptionally hot this summer, there is a high probability that more sebum accumulated due to the wide pores. As the outside temperature increases by 1 degree, sebum secretion increases by 10%. If the sebum accumulated in the pores is not properly removed, troubles such as rashes are likely to come up due to the sudden change of the season.

▶ Step 1: Open pores with a steam towel

If the makeup is unusually excited or the skin feels rough after entering the change of season, it is evidence that the stratum corneum protecting the skin is not healthy. In particular, if the dryness of the skin does not easily go away even after sufficient moisturizing care with lotion or moisturizing cream after cleansing, it is necessary to doubt that old keratin is accumulated. This also means that the balance of oil and moisture in the skin is broken.

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The regeneration cycle of skin cells averages 28 days and 4 weeks. If normal exfoliation occurs, you can maintain healthy skin with a good balance of oil and moisture. However, if the old keratin remains naturally and does not fall off due to aging or a sudden change in the external environment, the original function of the keratin is lost.
Moisturizing the skin, such as by applying a pack or applying a moisturizing cream while the old keratin remains, does not improve the skin. Deep cleansing removes old dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, removes excess sebum from the pores, and replenishes moisture and oil so that the skin can find its normal track and maintain a healthy stratum corneum.

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The first thing you need for keratin care and pore care is to gently relax your skin. That's why putting a warm towel on your face is the first step in getting skin care. Steam towel is a skin care method that can be easily practiced at home. Steam towels can be made comfortable by soaking them in a clean gauze handkerchief or cotton towel and wrapping it in plastic and turning it in a microwave for 1-2 minutes. Too hot can cause skin irritation. Slightly higher than body temperature is enough. After lightly washing your face, put it on for about 5 minutes.

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Step 2: gently remove sebum and dead skin cells

If you have opened enough pores with a steam towel, it is time to gently remove the sebum in the pores. If you have sensitive skin, take a suitable amount of cream or oil cleansing products and gently massage to melt the sebum. Massage the face around your face for 5 minutes with enough rolling. Rub the nose or back of the nose, which is easily vulnerable to old sebum.

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After that, apply a little water and massage once more, and rinse several times with clean water. If the oil or cream cleanser is too oily, you can wash it off again with a foam-type cleanser.
If you have excessive sebum and keratin on your face or if your skin is not sensitive, you can use a more powerful cleansing product. It is a scrub product with granules or a chemical exfoliant (filling agent) that contains ingredients such as AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) that dissolve the skin's dead skin cells. However, at this time, it is better to use only the T-zone area with a lot of sebum, such as the nose, chin, and forehead, and it is enough to massage the U-zone, which is the cheek part that tends to dry, with cream or oil.
Scrubs, peelings, etc. make the skin fine, but it can be made into healthier skin through the regeneration process that heals the wound. However, if regeneration is delayed and delayed due to poor condition, the skin becomes sensitive, and redness and dry symptoms may occur.

  Step 3 Calm your skin

After the first massage with oil or cream cleanser and then the second water or foam wash, deep cleansing is over. The final task is to soothe irritated skin and supply adequate moisture and oil.
Seat packs are the most comfortable to use to soothe skin and close open pores. The skin calms down simply by placing a cold sheet pack on the face in the refrigerator beforehand.

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If you don't have a sheet pack, you can use cosmetic cotton or a kitchen towel. Put a cotton pad or a kitchen towel in a plastic pack, soak the skin you used normally, and put it in the refrigerator to cool it. Cosmetic cotton skin packs can also be used when the skin is flushed or irritated with sunlight or heat in the summer. Put one piece on each cheek and the irritated skin will quickly settle.

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After deep cleansing, if you soothed your skin with a pack, then it's time to supply moisture and oil to your skin. Apply plenty of moisturizing cream to finish. The oily skin does not need to be away from the cream. Rather, it is necessary to cover the skin with oil to prevent evaporation of moisture in the skin. This means that any skin needs a certain amount of oil.

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